Making history in the kitchen is a beautiful thing

What a great month it has been.

The National Women’s History Project has done another stellar job in highlighting the accomplishments of women this Women’s History Month by using their platform to show how the achievements of women matter to us all.

Women's History Word Cloud

Word cloud: Presidential Proclamation — Women’s History Month, 2016

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Women’s History Month rocks and cooks

March is one of my favorite months of the year.womenshistorymonth

It’s National Women’s History Month friends.

And if no one has said it yet, Happy Women’s History Month to you!

It’s the time of year I look forward to seeing and reading the many daring, awe-inspiring, and spirited stories about the contributions of women to the fabric of American society and the world. Continue reading

A cookbook that fueled a movement; a movement that fueled a month

 happy women's history month 2Women rock.

And in many cases they are the rock of their families, communities, churches, workplace and throughout various stations in life.

Most women live  life and do life on a cellular level, peeling back the nuances of daily living and loving, and getting down to the heart of what matters to others and then to themselves.

Living the life of a fully evolved woman is rich and murky, full of rewards and real head scratching moments. Continue reading