Tis the season to eat burgers

WimpyBurger season has officially begun.

It’s not that we stop eating burgers at any particular time of the year because burgers are part of the American epicurean experience. But the gastronomy of the burger with its infinite iterations and mash ups heightens as the summer draws near and the outdoor grills are dusted off.

That’s one theory. Continue reading

How to fill “your modern pantry” with real with possibilities

Whats in your pantry web smallThe pantry used to be the nerve center of the kitchen.

When I was a little girl, mom had it stocked with lots of stuff from canned foods – some in canning jars – to dried beans and spices. Our moderately stocked pantry was a symbol of comfort and security for our family.  It was never bare or barren. When you looked in my mom’s pantry, you immediately knew that she was a cook whose objective was to make sure her family was well feed with hearty, rib sticking, and filling meals. Continue reading

Rock that Roast

Rock that Roast

Rocking this simple roast can make you a star.

On my May 3, 2014 post titled “A little spice makes everything nice,” I told the story of why and how I created a seasoning I whimsically named “Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning.”

The blend of over 20 spices and ingredients makes it one of the most versatile spice and seasoning products I have ever used. As a foodie, it opened up endless possibilities in making ordinary and mundane food something special. Continue reading