The heart and soul of my solstice chili

My inspiration started and continues here

My little inspiration pumpkin keeps on inspiring me.

Long after the Halloween festivities, it still sits on my kitchen table emanating a holiday-like aura, showing no signs of atrophy or deterioration. It’s so stalwart and not to mention cute.

It’s often the way things work for me – something simple, something innocuous, something as ordinary as a Jack Be Little Pumpkin ignites a spark of creativity, and off I go. This spontaneity has served me well as a journalist and it has been a great asset as a food blogger. Continue reading

Rock that Roast

Rock that Roast

Rocking this simple roast can make you a star.

On my May 3, 2014 post titled “A little spice makes everything nice,” I told the story of why and how I created a seasoning I whimsically named “Red Velvet Gourmet Spice Rub and Seasoning.”

The blend of over 20 spices and ingredients makes it one of the most versatile spice and seasoning products I have ever used. As a foodie, it opened up endless possibilities in making ordinary and mundane food something special. Continue reading