Nosh boards: classic, rustic and really good

nosh-board-2Nibble. Snack. Graze.

All of these verbs are euphemisms for one word – nosh.

We all like to nosh. In fact noshing is among my favorite pastimes. It’s probably among yours.
The kind of noshing I like to do transcends the usual suspects – you know Lays potato chips and mini Snickers bars. Instead, I like to make noshing an experience, an adventure,  an indulgence and a special treat for me or for a few invited guest, s or that special guest – if you know what I mean. Continue reading

Calm, cozy and cured with a little Pasta e Pesce

pasta and fish 2

Pasta e Pesce featured family style with cod

The translation  of pasta e pesce is  pasta and fish. Yes I had to go all Italian on you. I love the language and particularly the food. It’s simple, good and soul satisfying. I am inspired by Italian cooking and this dish is from that inspiration. Pasta is my favorite comfort food. It makes me feel calm, cozy and cured from the stresses of the day – if just for a moment. When I make this dish, all is well in my world. Continue reading