Waffle me this

blue berry waffles

I love waffles and they love me back!

Oh how I love thee my rustic, crispy delights. I love thee in the morning and I love thee at night.

Whether store bought or hot off the griddle, I am in a love affair with waffles and have been since I was a child. I can eat them any time, any place and anywhere.

You see pancakes, though light and fluffy, can’t hold a cup of syrup to waffles, literally. But the little nooks baked into the surface of waffles can cradle the syrup along with butter too. Now that’s what I ‘m talking bout! Continue reading

Cook fearlessly, eat well

Cook fearlessly

It’s a simple but courageous motto.

I will try anything in the kitchen. No limits. No boundaries. No fears. And while my culinary victories often – well always – make me break out in the happy dance, my culinary faux paws always give me a good laugh. I just shake it off and keep trying until I get it right – that is right with me. Continue reading