Reflections on Fathers Day

My latest post features an audio blog of Father’s Day. Just click on the arrow to hear the audio.

Father’s Day Dinner

It was a simple and delicious meal of string beans sauteed in a little butter, fresh chopped garlic, olive oil, summer savory, sesame seed oil, sea salt and crack pepper; Spanish brown rice, organic turkey enchilada casserole, and herb panko crusted bake salmon.

This Father’s Day was full of great memories of my dad and a day that celebrated the wonderful dad my son is to his 18 month old son.  Remember: Father’s are essential. Don’t wait for Father’s Day to let that special father or father figure know how much value and strength they have added to your life.


fathers's day dinner

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One thought on “Reflections on Fathers Day

  1. Delightful! How lucky you are to have wonderful memories of your father. And, as you well know, you’re creating memories for your son that he’ll cherish forever. Bless you! (PS–that might be a simple meal for you, but not for me. “Simple” is eggplant sautéed in olive oil with garlic and onions, over quinoa. Otherwise, simple is an apple! 🙂

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