New year, new you

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It’s how many of us start the new year.

We boldly and with all good intentions make resolutions, promises, goals, pledges, oaths and vows to improve the quality of our lives. For most of us the number one way to do that is by changing what we eat and how we move, you know exercise.

Some folks have decided to do it because they know they need too. Others are been admonished to do so by medical professionals. No matter what has inspired or impressed you into cleaning up your act, it’s not easy. Change never is.

Change is necessary to break habits and breakthrough that new you. It’s a fact underscored by former college football athlete, ACE-certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and TMAC Fitness entrepreneur Todd McCullough. He was a former starting linebacker for the University of Florida turned financial adviser for Meryl Lynch following graduation.

When the financial market took a turn in 2008, Todd’s job did too. One of the last hired, he was among the first laid off. So instead of jumping back into the market, he decided to jump back into his passion for fitness, which began while growing up Baker County, a little town in North Florida, 40 miles west of Jacksonville.

But after three knee and two shoulder surgeries from playing college football, he had to find a way to pursue that passion and its possible entrepreneurial opportunities without causing further injury in his post-athletic life. Yoga seemed to be the answer, at least f or awhile. But while yoga made him feel great, he said he wasn’t necessarily looking great or “ripped” as he so aptly put it.

Todd McCullough, TMAC Fitness

Todd McCullough, TMAC Fitness

“I started playing around with incorporating athletic training into yoga and I developed this revolutionary method of training called TMAC flow,” said Todd. “ It’s yoga that gets you ripped. It’s all done on a yoga matt, no equipment is needed. It’s designed to increase flexibility while building a stronger, leaner body.”

Today Todd lives in Los Angeles and is a personal trainer for many professional athletes and actors. His TMAC Fitness approach to training, along with his approach to nutrition has been the cornerstone of his company’s success.

Todd took his series of one-hour training sessions and  put them into over 20 videos specifically designed for busy people who find it difficult to squeeze out time to go to the gym.  It’s a “no equipment and no excuses” workout says Todd.  He has also created a TMAC diet plan which has 7 pillars he says will help you improve and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Both are on his website.

“We have to get back to the basics,” emphasized Todd. “Sweat and eat clean. It’s really that simple.”

Todd starts his day with his signature omelet, which is more like an egg scramble. It’s quick, simple and very tasty.   Check out his video which shows how he puts it all together. Check out my inspired recipe from his video. It serves two or one large appetite. Here’s to a Happy New You!

TMAC Egg Scramble

TMAC Egg Scramble with fresh avocado and salsa

TMAC Egg Scramble with fresh avocado and salsa


TMAC Egg Scramble ingredients

TMAC Egg Scramble ingredients

1 tablespoon coconut oil
5 egg whites
1 egg yoke
1/3 cup sliced zucchini
1/3 cup chopped green or red onion
1/3 chopped tomatoes with seed removed
½ cup diced cooked chicken breast
½ to 1 cup chopped fresh spinach
Salt, cracked black pepper, crushed red pepper to taste



Heat coconut oil in non-stick skillet over medium heat. Once melted, add zucchini and sauté until tender. Add onion, tomatoes and chicken and spinach and sauté until well heated. Pour eggs into skillet. Add salt, cracked pepper and crushed red pepper to taste.

As eggs begin to set, gently stir and fold eggs into sautéed vegetables and chicken until thickened and no visible liquid remains from the eggs. This takes a few minutes of patient stirring and folding.

When eggs reach your desired level of doneness, remove pan from heat.  Serve eggs with avocado slices and fresh salsa.

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